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Why Hair Extensions?

Image by kyle smith

What could a little extra length (or a lot), or a little more volume, or highlights, lowlights, pops of color do for your look? What could it do for your confidence and self esteem? Hair extensions aren't just for adding length, they can do so much more!


* Add INSTANT length, volume or thickness to your hair.

* Cover up a really bad haircut or transition through the awkward stage of growing your hair out.

* Add bold or subtle highlights, lowlights or fashion colors to your hair without chemical processes.

* Get a new look for a special occasion. (wedding, prom, etc)


*  Just for fun! Some people like to change up their look often and extensions give unlimited options. 

Hair Extension Consultation

Free 15 minute consultation to discuss hair goals, options, etc


Hair Extension Application

Includes extensions and initial application. Also includes cutting and blending the extensions

$150 - $1500+

Hair Extension Lift

Includes removing and reapplying existing extensions. Also includes shampoo and blow dry.

$200 - $700+

Hair Extension Removal

Includes removal of extensions, clarifying wash, hydrating conditioner and blow dry.

Requires consultation


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